Who am I?

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Colin Bartlett

Professional Profile

  • Name: Colin Bartlett
  • Nationality: U.S. Citizen, World Traveler
  • Residence: New York, New York
  • Email: colin@colinabartlett.com

Professional Profile

I'm an entrepreneur, software engineer, and technology leader with more than 22 years experience building web applications and managing software development projects and teams. I have experience with the entire stack, but focus mostly on Ruby development. An entrepreneur since age 10, I enjoy building sustainable, profitable digital businesses.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2018 July - Present


Nimble Industries, Inc.

In July of 2018, I joined forces with my long-time friend and colleague, Andy Libby, to form Nimble Industries, a holding company for our software products. Our goal with Nimble is to build products out in the open, learning publicly and interating on ideas. Our most prominent projects are StatusGator, a status page aggregation and cloud monitoring service, and VimTricks, which publishes tutorials and courses for Vim users.

2013 August - Present

Principal & Consultant

Colin Bartlett, Inc.

In the Summer of 2013, I rebirthed my consulting practice and returned to consulting for several start-ups and other consulting firms. I bring 20+ years of software development and management experience to teams looking for a senior developer, team leader, and product manager. I have deep and experience with Ruby on Rails, and use that experience to raise the velocity of the entire team.

2015 November - 2018 March


Assembled Brands

At Assembled Brands, I led a software development team working on numerous greenfield web apps and mobile apps, along with a legacy eCommerce site and data science operation. I oversaw all cloud infrastructure and all IT operations for enterprise-wide global offices and retail stores. I was a member of the executive committee and interfaced with other executive and leadership to ensure efficient execution of capital technology projects. I oversaw all day-to-day software maintenance and set long term technology vision and strategy.

2012 October - 2014 July

VP of Engineering

2013 - 2014 VP of Engineering
2012 - 2013 Director of Engineering
2012 - Senior Developer


I joined AppStack in October 2012 as a Senior Developer. Within a month, I moved up to manage the engineering team as Director of Engineering. When the firm reorganized into a new company with new leadership called New Hound in October 2013, I became VP of Engineering. In this role, I not only contributed daily to the codebase, but managed team direction and goals, mentored junior developers, interacted with management and stakeholders, and generally kept the ship afloat.

2011 January - 2012 July

Lead Developer


I joined Loosecubes full-time to lead their development team in September 2011. I was involved with nearly all aspects of their Rails application since the beginning. For a time, I was their sole developer and, for a time, I worked alongside an outsourced team. I helped to hire and train numerous engineers and shape development strategy for this early-stage start-up.

2010 June - 2011 September

Partner & Senior Consultant

xforty technologies

In 2010, I sold my consulting practice, Kinetic Web, and began consulting with friends at xforty. I worked on several Rails applications and dabbled in PHP, ASP.Net and other projects. In January 2011, I obtained a NYC-based start-up, Loosecubes, as a customer and moved to New York to contract with them full-time for 9 months.

2001 January - 2010 June

Founder & Co-Owner

Kinetic Web Solutions

In 2001, I dropped out of Northeastern University to found a web wevelopment firm. Myself and my business partner grew it to 10 full-time employees. In 2006, I converted our focus from Microsoft ASP to Ruby on Rails and transitioned us to a Rails consultancy. I was responsible for all day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, project management. I was lead developer and oversaw all development, engineering, and systems administration of more than 30 Linux and Windows servers.

My Education


2000 September - 2000 December

Business & IT Major

Northeastern University

I attended Northeastern University for a brief time in 2000, although the constraints of the academic enviroment did not match well with my entrepreneurial spirit. I skipped most classes in favor of building my consulting practice and eventually dropped out to focus on my company full-time.

Since then, I have grown tremendously, both professionally and personally, with the help of mentors and business partners at all of my ventures. Although my formal education has been minimal, I bring a massive amount of technical, business, and management experience to every endeavor on which I embark. My depth and breadth of experience is evident in all of the work that I do today.



  • StatusGator Co-Founder Status page aggregator and cloud monitoring service.
  • VimTricks Co-Founder Email newsletter and courses about Vim, the text editor.
  • Washtub Co-Founder Data masking and anonymization software for developers.
  • DriftWatch Co-Founder Monitors your software dependency drift.
  • Clear Check Co-Founder Background check document management platform.