Who am I?

About Colin

Colin A. Bartlett
  • Name: Colin A. Bartlett
  • Nationality: U.S. Citizen, World Traveler
  • Residence: Manhattan, New York City
  • Phone: +1 (917) 821 9783
  • Email: colin at colinabartlett dot com

Professional Profile

I'm an Engineering and Product Director and Senior Ruby Developer with more than 20 years experience building web applications and managing software development projects and teams. I have experience with the entire web and mobile development stack but enjoy backend Ruby development the most.

An entrepreneur since age 10, I enjoy helping to build sustainable, profitable businesses. I excel at providing business value to stakeholders beyond just writing code.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2013 August - Present

Colin Bartlett, Inc.

Principal & Consultant

In the Summer of 2013, I rebirthed my consulting practice and began app development and consulting for a number of companies and other consulting firms. I bring 17 years of development and management experience to teams looking for a senior developer, team leader, and product manager. I and my small team of professionals have unique and valuable expertise in Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, and HTML5/CSS mobile app development, along with systems operations and deployment.

2015 November - 2018 March

Assembled Brands


At Assembled Brands, I led a software development team working on numerous greenfield web apps and mobile apps, along with a legacy eCommerce site and data science operation. I oversaw all cloud infrastructure and all IT operations for enterprise-wide global offices and retail stores. I was a member of the executive committee and interfaced with other executive and leadership to ensure efficient execution of capital technology projects. I oversaw all day-to-day software maintenance and set long term technology vision and strategy.

2012 October - 2014 July

New Hound

2013 - 2014 VP of Engineering
2012 - 2013 Director of Engineering
2012 - Senior Developer

VP of Engineering

I joined NewHound in October 2012 as a Senior Developer. Within a month, I moved up to manage the engineering team as Director of Engineering. When the firm reorganized into a new company with new leadership in October 2013, I became VP of Engineering. In this role, I not only contributed daily to the codebase, but managed team direction and goals, mentored junior developers, interacted with management and stakeholders, and generally kept the ship afloat.

2011 January - 2012 July


Lead Developer

I joined Loosecubes full-time to lead their development team in September 2011. I was involved with nearly all aspects of their Rails application since the beginning. For a time, I was their sole developer and, for a time, I worked along side an outsourced team. I helped to hire and train numerous engineers and shape development strategy for this early-stage start-up.

2010 June - 2011 September

Xforty Technologies

Partner & Senior Consultant

In 2010, I sold my consulting practice, Kinetic Web, and began consulting with friends at Xforty. I worked on several Rails applications and dabbled in PHP, ASP.Net and other projects. In January 2011, I obtained a NYC-based start-up, Loosecubes, as a customer and moved to New York to contract with them full-time for 9 months.

2001 January - 2010 June

Kinetic Web Solutions

Founder & Co-Owner

In 2001, I dropped out of Northeastern University to found a web wevelopment firm. Myself and my business partner grew it to 10 full-time employees. In 2006, I converted our focus from Microsoft ASP to Ruby on Rails and transitioned us to a Rails consultancy. I was responsible for all day-to-day operations, sales, marketing, project management. I was lead developer and oversaw all development, engineering, and systems administration of more than 30 Linux and Windows servers.

My Education


2000 September - 2000 December

Northeastern Univerity

Business & Information Technology Major

I attended Northeastern University for a brief time in 2000, although the constraints of the academic enviroment did not match well with my entrepreneurial spirit. I skipped most classes in favor of building my consulting practice and eventually dropped out to focus on my company full-time.

Since then, I have grown tremendously both professionally and personally with the help of mentors and business partners at all of my ventures. Although my formal education has been minimal, I bring a massive amount of technical, business, and management experience to every endeavor on which I embark. My depth and breadth of experience is evident in all of the work that I do today.



  • StatusGator Co-Founder Conceived and created entire SaaS monitoring service. Trusted by thousands of companies.
  • Nimble Industries Co-Founder Holding company for my side projects where we iterate on SaaS products and other ideas.
  • Clear Check Co-Founder Built complete document management platform. Launched and cash-flow positive in 14 days.
  • VimTricks Co-Fonder Email newsletter of tips and tricks for the Vim text editor.
  • Washtub Co-Founder Data masking and anonymization software for developers.
  • DriftWatch Co-Founder Monitoring your software dependency drift.